SickKids foundation milestone.

"Set tough goals and challenge yourself. If you want it bad enough you'll put in the effort and do whatever it takes to reach that goal." When I looked in the mirror that was the thought that went through my mind. A $10,000 donation goal, within a my first year as business. To many it was impossible but to me it was motivation.

A year ago, SickKids foundation (based in in the heart of Toronto) accepted my partnership offer and for that i'll forever be thankful. I was a new brand with no experience or background in business. It was a dark path but I had a light and knew what direction I wanted to go, and it was such an exciting moment. They took a chance on me and with fire in my heart I was eager to start building this relationship. I pushed Praise to anyone and everyone, spreading the word of change. My goal was to make helping others "cool" and bring people together through positivity. 

I worked as much as I could regularly pushing 40+ hours to continuously fund Praise as I still do today. My job was located downtown Toronto, just blocks away from SickKids hospital. Among having close family members being patients there, the hospital saves and changed the lives of many. A lot of families who had members or children in the hospital would come through my store and would share their stories of struggles and overcoming. I could not imagine spending my childhood in and out of the hospital. It wasn't fair, i knew i needed to do something to help make an impact. I knew I wasn't smart enough to be in the research labs but i could bring in funds to help the best way possible.  12 months we're here, i made the goal and it truly one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing the amount of people the money with help is a magical feeling. Thank you to everyone who has shown love and support, to those who rep the brand and spread the word of Praise. I wouldn't be close to it without all your help. And thank you again to Sickkids foundation for giving me, a brand who's still learning the ropes a chance to help make a difference in the world. This is just the beginning. 

-Andrew Kowalski

Forever grateful for the opportunity