Praise x Only One collaboration.

To be perfectly transparent with all of you, we don’t even know where to begin.

The one thing we do know is that growing up is hella difficult, especially in this generation. With new waves of technology popping up everywhere and new forms of communication being invented everyday, it makes connecting with one another very, very easy. In most cases that’s a great thing, but unfortunately there are those who don’t quite see it that way and don’t get to be part of that circle of social acceptance.

20% of students are bullied every year in schools. For those who spoke up, they found 33% of that resulted in physical bullying: pushed or shoved, spit on, tripped excluded out of activities on purpose, etc. Another 15% were victims to the highest growing stat with Cyber Bullying.
The longer someone is bullied, the more likely they are to develop physical, emotional, and psychological scars that can last a lifetime. Bullying can be devastating, leaving children withdrawn, shy, and insecure. They often do poorly in school due to loss of focus and confidence or have poor attendance because they try to escape bullies. When ignored, bullying can lead people to take their own lives.
The hardest part of all of this circumstance is that those who see it happen do nothing because they fear that it will turn to them.

Well now is our chance to say something. We came together with Praise Headwear to create a collection to help continue changing lives for those less fortunate in the world of bullying. With every piece sold we will be donating 50% of our profits to "Thinking Forward" to help run after school programs for those amazing people who deserve an extra hand.
Next time you see it happen, please don’t ignore it, say something. Be the change you want to see. It will make all of the difference in their hearts 💕

Written by Ruby of Only One Skate.