Featured story: David's journey

About a month ago David reached out to me on instagram to tell me about his experience with Sickkids hospital.  Amazed with what i heard i asked him to share his story with the world.

"My name is David Smith and I am 4 years post op. At the age of 16, in February of 2013, I was diagnosed with an Anomalous Right Coronary Artery - an artery in the wrong spot - after collapsing at basketball practice in Hamilton, Ontario. After this initial diagnosis I under went tests for a few months at McMaster Children's Hospital then I was handed over to The Hospital For Sick Children (Sick Kids Toronto) where I underwent more tests. Eventually, I was faced with the decision to undergo open heart surgery or forgo competitive sports forever. I opted for surgery after meeting with one of the most reassuring people I've ever met: my cardiac surgeon from Sick Kids! Nine months after my surgery, I started playing basketball for my high school, St. John's College and began recovery back at McMaster as a member of their Athlete's Edge program. In 2015, I attended a prep academy for basketball in North Carolina and had an opportunity to try out for an NCAA Division I basketball team, eventually to end up on the track and field, and tennis teams in the 2016-2017 school year. Currently, I am in third year Business at University of Victoria in British Columbia and am a new member of the Vikes Men's Rowing team. Many people would've accepted an end to competitive sports when faced with open heart surgery, but since then I've been blessed with the ability to expanded my competitive sports and am excited and grateful to keep going."